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Invisalign Review

Invisalign (view product ) is an invisible brace which competes against products like Smilelove, SmileDirectClub and Candid. Compared to its peers, Invisalign is a lower-performing product within its category, with an overall ranking of #7 out of 8 total products.

To review and rank Invisalign, we spent approximately 10 hours reviewing the top 8 at-home teeth correction based on 50 data points such as retainer options, free replacement options and alignment speed (see the full criteria list).

  • :
  • Quick alignments: How fast does each brand straighten teeth? Will my teeth be straightened quickly with each system?
  • Free replacements: Does each brand offer free replacements if my alignment trays are lost or stolen? What type of warranty does my each system invisible braces come with?
  • Retainers included: Does each brand offer retainers for me to purchase for after I've finished the alignment process? When I'm done straightening my teeth, can I buy a retainer from each system?
  • Accurate fitting aligners: How well does each brand's alignment trays fit? Does each system's invisible braces fit well?
  • Teeth whitening included: Is teeth whitening included in my each brand purchase? What whitening options does each system offer, if any?
  • High-quality orthodontists: Does each brand work with high-quality orthodontists? How experienced are the orthodontists at each system?
  • Good alignment tray clearness: How clear is an aligner from each brand? Is a each system teeth aligner really clear?
  • No dentist visit requirement: Can I get an aligner from each brand without going to the dentist? Does each system allow me to create my own mold at home?
  • Physical locations: Does each brand have any physical locations where I can go in for a check-up? Am I able to stop into each system's stores anywhere?
  • High stain-resistance: How resistant are each brand alignment trays to stains? Will each system invisible braces be stained by coffee or tea?

Invisalign's strengths are:

  • Good stain-resistance details
  • Offers high-quality orthodontists details

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Made by Invisalignview
Rated 3.9 - 10 reviews

About the Manufacturer

Invisalign is a mid-size company operating the e-commerce site invisalign.com. Invisalign sells its products and services in the at-home teeth correction industry. Invisalign is a less active brand when it comes to discounting and offering coupons. Invisalign has a mix of reviews among shoppers on Knoji, with 14 ratings and an average rating of 2.9 stars. Invisalign scores decently compared to other brands in the at-home teeth correction industry, providing 3 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.

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